The Hunter - 395W Solar Panel with 5.64kWh Battery Storage

Installation Not Included

395W Solar Panel with 5.64kWh Battery Storage

For the modern outdoorsman, power at the cabin is a must. These systems offer you the capacity to use your lights, TV, and radio during a weekend hunting or fishing trip. Sized to recharge during the week and ready when you need it. 

Eliminate excessive generator use (and noise) and promote an alternate, environmentally friendly source of power. 

  • (1) 395W solar panel - $339.00
  • Mount Racking for Shingle or Metal Roof - $180.00
  • (4) 6V 235Ah deep-cycle batteries - $940.00
  • (1) 30A MPPT charge controller - $329.00
  • 1) 1000W 12V pure-sine inverter/charger - $990.00
  • Cost for cable and fuses - $400.00

*Installation costs vary depending on the system and location. Contact us today for a quote.