One Year Warranty (Guarantee)

Clear Power Solutions provides a One Year guarantee on any purchased rechargeable battery or rechargeable battery packs. Any connectors that belong to the previous battery pack or accessories are not covered. We reserve the right to refuse warranty service if any of the following scenarios should occur.


  • If a battery, battery pack or connector was obviously tampered with including but not limited to: cut insulators, protective heat shrink removed from the individual cell, or terminal broken from battery due to physical abuse.
  • If the battery or battery pack was charged with a charger that is not proper for the battery or application (voltage or amperage out is too high, or wrong chemistry).
  • If battery or battery pack was not cared for as specified by the technician including: not charging the battery or battery pack to maintain it (SLA, AGM, Gel, Flood Acid), battery or battery pack being left in the elements, or allowing the battery or battery to freeze, flooded battery that has not been refilled with distilled water.
  • If the insulator is removed from a cell phone battery.
  • If it is recommended by the technician to change the whole battery bank or pack and it is refused and asked to change individual cells.
  • If we determined that a battery needs to be analyzed or load tested to trace the issue and the service is refused.


If a battery or battery pack does not last at least the time of the warranty and all instructions are followed, we will replace the battery or battery pack free of charge. For further information, we can be reached at (506) 653-9021, our toll free number at 1(888) 653-9026, or by email Our hours of operation are from 8:00 to 5:00 AST, Monday to Friday.