The Good Samaritan - 4.5kW Roof Mount

Installation Not Included

5,550kWh Annual Solar Energy Production ($670.00 annual savings)

For those looking to make a difference on their carbon footprint and their power bill.
These systems feature real-time energy monitoring, net metering with your power
commission, and it offers you a working asset on your home. Start small, or stay small: the choice is yours. Every panel makes a difference, and expansion is always possible.

Enjoy savings and promote an alternate, environmentally friendly source of power for a warrantied 25 years.

  • (10) 450W solar panels - $3,500.00
  • Flush Mount Racking for Shingle or Metal Roof - $1,300.00
  • (10)Enphase iQ8A Micro Inverters and Trunk Cable - $2,958.00
  • Enphase IQ Envoy Solar Production & Home Consumption Monitoring - $739.00
  • Estimated cost for cable, disconnects, breakers to connect system to home electrical panel - $2,800.00

*Installation costs vary depending on the system and location. Contact us today for a quote.