The Weekender - 670W

Clear Power Solutions Inc.

For those who spend their days off at the camp or cottage, these systems allow some of the comforts of home to come along. Enjoy lights, TV, radio, and a small fridge comfortably. Eliminate excessive generator use (and noise) and promote an alternate, environmentally friendly source of power.

  • 670W Solar Array with 5.6kWh Battery Storage
  • (2) 335W solar panels - $538.00 - Flush mount racking for shingle or metal roof - $255.00
  • (4) 6V 235Ah deep-cycle batteries - $836.00
  • (1) 60A MPPT charge controller - $569.00 
  • (1) 2000W 12Volt pure-sine inverter/charger - $1,199.00
  • Cost for cable, disconnects, breakers, and combiner box- $950.00

*Installation costs vary depending on the system and location. Contact us today for a quote.