MidNite Kid 30Amp MPPT Charge Controller

Midnite Solar

MidNite Solar’s very popular medium sized MPPT charge controller, The Kid, has its Class 1 Div. 2 certification. Meaning it has been designed to safely operate in environments where flammable gases or vapors exist and have the potential to rise to ignitable concentrations.

MidNite Solar’s C1D2 Kid still has all the great features of the original: Hyper VOC for cold climates, a highly programmable load circuit with lighting control features and a programmable auxiliary control output for running relays or lithium battery management systems.

New features include AGS (Auto Generator Start) and an additional heatsink that improves heat dissipation from the electrical components and a vented back plate to further assist with cooling.

  • Class 1 Div. 2 certified
  • Conformal coated for harsh environments
  • MPPT Tracking
  • Type 1 environmental rating
  • True paralleling - Inputs and Outputs for two KIDs
  • Up to 150V input
  • MidNite's exclusive HyperVOC extends the input voltage beyond 150 VOC for cold climates
  • 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V battery output
  • Lighting Controller: dusk-dawn, hourly, day, night settings
  • Up to 30 amps battery output with low input voltage based off PV configuration
  • No fan
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Front panel exchangeable fuses for battery, input and load/clipper.
  • 3 LED bar graph for battery status at a glance
  • Keypad for access to extensive menu items and set points
  • Includes wall mount adapter
  • Sealed for harsh environments
  • Built in Arlington, Washington, USA
  • 5 Year Warranty.