The Maverick - 9,600 Watt Solar Array

Installation Not Included

9,600W Solar Array with 41.28kWh Battery Storage

For those looking to sustainably enjoy full-time off-grid living, without compromise. This system has the capacity to provide you with the power needed to enjoy the comforts as well as the necessities of home, including everything from your TV, coffee maker, and microwave to a clothes washer or water and circulating pumps. Eliminate excessive generator use (and noise) and promote an alternate, environmentally friendly source of power with a working asset on your home.

  • (20) 480W solar panels - $7,400.00
  • Flush mount racking for shingle or metal roof - $3,000.00
  • (16) 6V 430Ah deep-cycle batteries - $8,144.00
  • (1) 12kW 48V SolArk pure sine Hybrid inverter with 185A charger, Breakers, Monitoring, and AGS - $11,499.00
  • Estimated cost for cable, disconnects, rapid shut down, 2 wire generator start/stop material, Generator wiring, breakers, and AC load centre. - $4,000.00

*Installation costs vary depending on the system and location. Contact us today for a quote.