The Free Spirit - 3,840 Watt Solar Array

Installation Not Included

3,840 Watt Solar Array with 20.64kW Battery Storage

A system for full-time light duty off-grid living. This system can run lights, TV and satellite, basic kitchen appliances, a washing machine, fridge, and a water pump. Eliminate excessive generator use (and noise) and promote an alternate, environmentally friendly source of power.
  • (8) 480W solar panels - $3,040.00
  • Flush Mount Racking for shingle or metal roof - $1,300.00
  • (8) 6v 430Ah deep-cycle batteries - $4,072.00
  • (1) 100A 600VDC MPPT charge controller - $1,999.00
  • (1)6.8kW 48V XWPro 6848 pure-sine inverter & 140A charger, inverter panel, and system monitoring/controls - $8,000.00
  • Cost for cable, disconnects, rapid shut down, breakers and combiner boxes - $2,800.00

*Installation costs vary depending on the system and location. Contact us today for a quote.