IPX iPhone X Battery


This iPhone X replacement battery is what you need to bring your dead iPhone X back to life!

Tested to confirm there are no cycles on the cell and the capacity is 95% or higher.
100% factory tested with a customer return rate of only 1%.
Assembled using high quality chipset from Texas Instruments.

Battery adhesive is preinstalled to improve the quality of your repair.
Battery degradation is an inevitable part of your iPhone X’s lifespan. Extend the life of your phone with this new replacement battery compatible with iPhone X. If your iPhone X won't turn on, is stuck in a boot loop, has a "service battery" warning, or simply won't hold a charge, this replacement battery may be what you need to fix it.

Learn more about safe lithium-ion battery handling and proper disposal.

This part is compatible with iPhone X.

Milliamp Hours    1716 mAh

1 year Warranty

In store install is $25 with a 1 hour install time.

After a battery change with this device, that the battery health settings on this phone will no longer be available, and there is a notification that the battery information is not available, but does not affect the functionality of the phone.